Morrison Bros.  710 Solenoid Valves are now UL listed! This listing includes 3/4" to 3" models. 

Earthquake safety shutoff valves have now become an essential part of building services involving hazardous fluids. These are earthquake sensitive valves intended to prevent the  flow of gas/fuel into a structure after an earthquake and thus preventing a possibel hazard of fire. It is a mandatory requirement by FM global under fire safety regulations for buildings to reduce the potential risk of explosion or fire due to loss of gas line integrity or uncontrolled flow of fuel/ gas after a...

Morrison Bros. Co. introduces its new line of UL listed end of line vent with flame arrester. Available in 2"and 3"sizes, these flame arresters are designed for petroleum tanks containing group D fluids. These are in our inventory now.

Morrison Bros. tank alarms have been updated to the new UL913 standards with enhanced features.

Flowline is approved by Dubai Municipality for fuel system installation work in their pump station projects. Pipe system using HDPE double wall pipes is being installed in the upcoming Nad Al Shiba pumping station. 

Prevent fuel theft in your fleet... we have the most advanced fuel management system to help you! Tracking fuel consumption is made easy with smart technology. It tracks every driver and vehicle with tamper proof access control system and restricts the use based on time or quantity. Realtime online access of fuel consumption data has made the reconciliation process as easy as it is. Get in touch for the most reliable fuel management system just for your need...