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We offer a vast range of tank gauges for measuring liquid level in underground and above ground tanks. 

The tank gauges ranges from simple tank top type float gauges to remote hydrostatic type contents gauges. Available in different dial sizes, styles and configurations suiting a wide range of applications.

Hydrostatic contents gauges are available with different types of transmitters to suit a variety of tank contents.

Simple acrylic type level gauge for tank side mounting is the most common type used in the tank industry. The gauge coke set comes in stainless steel and brass. Customized calibrated gauges are also fabricated to requirement with stainless steel guard and calibrated scale for direct content reading.

More complex electronic gauges are available with pressure transducers and control units. These are factory calibrated to tank dimensions and ready to install at site. These gauges are available with relay outputs and 4-20mA continuous external outputs.

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