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Truck Pump

Truck pump are used to load, transport, unload, and meter petroleum, chemicals, crude oil, food grade liquids, gases, lube oils, jet & diesel fuels, propane and gasoline.

From thin liquids and liquefied gases to viscous products and abrasive materials we offer pumps for a wide range of truck-mounted applications. With a variety of construction materials and shaft sealing options we offer variety of products to boost productivity, lower operating cost, and reduce maintenance downtime.

Pumps with horizontal parallel porting that can offer installers easier piping connections than pumps with 90-degree ported pumps 

Double-ended drive shaft for either clockwise (RH) or counterclockwise (LH) rotation also provides flexibility when it comes to installation and pipework.

T-type strainers are available to protect pumping systems from damage caused by welding slag and foreign matter in the piping and tanks.
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Truck Pump